Shoes you must have!

“Good shoes take you good places.”

If you are a shoes freak and make shoes-contact before eye-contact, then you must own the pairs that I will talk about in this blog. I believe that our shoe closet should have a diverse variety of shoes for all types of outings. As much as we all love to buy dazzling heels and look fancy, what we often tend to overlook is how essential comfort is when it comes to shoes.

Let’s begin with:

  • Slides

If you should invest your money on something, slides are the next thing! Trust me; you won’t regret it. A lot of people think they’re uncomfortable, but if you get your hands on high-quality slides, they will be the pair you would always want to wear. And here’s the best part: they go with absolutely anything and are so light! So if you’re looking for an everyday shoe, grab them now because they are going to be your next favorite. Also, if minimalism is your thing, buying plain solid color slides should be your next move.

  • Sneakers

Looking for something super comfortable to help you run around all day? Take a break from all your pairs and shop sneakers! And no, they’re not only for running around a busy day. You can wear them to your office with pants or skirts, and even dresses, or with a basic tee and jeans. Other than giving an ultra-cool look to your outfit, sneakers will support your feet all day and can be worn in any season.

  • Mid-heel sandals

Also called flossy heels, are minimal and trendy! They are so stylish that you would want to get them in every color. If you don’t like to wear dresses too vibrant and overwhelming with patterns, then bright, mid-heel sandals will do the right job for you by adding a pop of color to your overall look. No matter what the occasion is, these sandals are suitable to wear at any event. Dinner dates, movie nights, weddings, or work, they help you through all stages!

  • Pointed pumps

A classic pair of shoe that makes everything more convenient would be pointed pumps. They are dramatic and can make your outfit look complete. The elegance will make you get appreciations wherever you wear them and with whatever. Pointed pumps are an excellent choice for any dress to give that powerful look!

  • Block heels

Got a glorious evening party? Block heels are the answer. If you’re looking for something in between convenience and style, getting a pair of block heels would be my suggestion. They are versatile and make a pleasant visual sight. Block heels are practical and will surely add excitement to your outfits. Put them on while going to a party and let them express the rest!